Your G-code programs can be automatically optimized using MACHpro software. It enables to predict x-y-z cutting forces, torque, tool flexion or workpiece, and vibrations :


It is even enough simple to be used by CAD-CAM students, with such objectives as :

  1. Check that cutting forces are always acceptable for the machine (ex. 100 kg thrust force).
  2. Check that tool flexion is never too near of the surface precision needed (ex. 0.1 mm).

MACHpro can also modify automatically the G-code program to maximize the productivity, by changing the feed rate all along the path, regulating force (avoiding tool breakage) et flexion (avoiding bad dimensions), for example.

The removal rate is maximised by slowing down only the critical spots, automatically detected and regulated, and accelerating all the other zones where the machining tool may be used more efficiently.


For sophisticated machining, MACHpro is able to modelize any tool shape, including variable pitch tools, but also to modelize machine acceleration and jerk, etc. (forces are calculated including acceleration effects).

Production Module Software, from Third Wave System, is a good alternative to MachPro.