First level of training (very easy techniques) :

  • First theoretical notions on machining vibrations
  • Simulation and measurement of static stiffnesses, natural frequencies, damping factor, and optimal cutting condition calculation.
  • Analysis on the cases choosen by the client.

=> The trainees will be able to diagnose and methodically react in front of the machine-tool.

Second level of training :

  • Theoretical notions on machining vibrations
  • Measurement and analyze of machining vibrations signals
  • Measure and analyse of spindle and axis vibrations.
  • Measure and analyse of radial cutting force (because it is the fundamental source of machining vibrations)
  • Analysis on the cases choosen by the client.

Recommendend measurement equipments :

  • Microphone  : “blue snowflake” (from Amazon, ≈80€).
  • Manual dynamometer 300 Newtons (≈160€ from :
  • Long stroke micrometric dial gauge (≈150€ from Mitutoyo, n° 513-425-10E).
  • 1 or 2 accelerometers 8776A50M6 (sensitivity 100mV/g) (≈500€), 8452A (magnetic base) (≈140€), 8436 (standard base) (≈25€), 8432-5 (glue wax), BM-174-6 (cable) (≈45€, more lenght of cable +≈60€), + maybe 8778A500 (miniature sensor for small tool tap testing, 10mV/g) (≈790€) + maybe Kistler-8786A5 (≈650€) (high sensitivity sensor for axis machine analysis), from
  • USB signal conditionner “PLUG-n- DAQ Lite” (≈1000€) from
  • 1 or 2 suitcase :èrement-Modulable-aluminium/dp/B001NI6D3G, or : pelicases ≈ 250€ from
  • Free Audacity software :

=> The trainees will be able to precisely diagnose and methodically react using all the possibles techniques.