You have all the parameters in hand to eliminate the vibrations :

  • Rigidify : workpiece, workpiece-holder, tool, tool-holder, machine,…
  • Reduce or re-orientate forces : adjustements, cutting angles, tool material and coating and honning, machining strategy,…
  • Avoid resonances : spindle speed, teeth number and angular distribution,...
  • Add damping : tool honning, back cut angles, tool-holder, workpiece-holder, machine axis, machining strategy,…
  • <;li>etc.
Practically, any of this parameters, they are about one hundred, may be decisive to eliminate vibrations, as you already know.
More over, the effect of each parameters is link to several others : a solution that worked for a givent operation may not work for an other similar operation.

The ChatterMaster software is able to give you quickly which parameters to modify to eliminate the problem in your particular operation.

Now there is a global solution to :

  • Increase your productivity,
  • Quick solve machining vibrations problems,
  • Quick setup process without vibrations (new set-up, new materials, new operators,...),
  • Monitor relevant indicators, and never be surprised by vibrations appearance,
  • Train the staff by a simple and effective method,
  • Make more complex workpieces.

With the ChatterMaster software quickly find the best cutting conditions without vibrations, do-it-yourself is finished !

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